World Theatre Day 2022- History, Aim and more

Every year, World Theatre Day (27 March) is celebrated. This day highlights the importance of theatre trades and how they have played an important role in entertainment. It also celebrates the many changes theatre brings to our lives.

Theatre is a mixture of different fine trades. It uses live actors, actresses, and players to tell the audience about what it was like to be there or on a particular stage.

This day is for people who see the importance and value of theatre and serves as a reminder to politicians and governments that they have not yet honored its value to the people or the individual, and aren’t yet able to realize its potential for profit growth.

International Theatre Institute (ITI), was established in 1961 to commemorate World Theatre Day around the globe and to promote theatre’s importance and value.

ITI hosts a monthly communication on this day. It is delivered by a well-known theatre pantomime to share their thoughts about theatre and the future. Jean Cocteau 1962 was the first to communicate.

ITI has more than 85 centers around the globe; it encourages sodalities and seminaries as well as theatre professionals to celebrate this day.