World Toilet Day 2022 History, Significance, Theme, Facts

Every year on November 19, people all over the world recognize World Toilet Day to raise awareness of the essential need for access to clean toilets and water. Our general health depends on toilets, and poor use of them might cause significant illnesses.

The purpose of World Toilet Day is to raise awareness of the importance of good sanitation and its positive effects on health. We are here to provide you a brief overview of the background and significance of World Health Day. Please make an effort to speak out against it and effect change.


The first World Toilet Day was observed on July 24, 2013. The slogan “Sanitation for all” was observed. World Toilet Day began to be commemorated on November 19 starting in that year. In 2001, the World Toilet organization launched a campaign to increase public awareness of the value of cleanliness.

The UN General Assembly began pushing its members to maintain good hygiene and cleanliness in 2013. Additionally, the organization has established targets that must be met by 2030! These objectives are known as Sustainable Development Goals 6 (SDGs) (SDG6). By 2030, every person on Earth will have access to clean sanitation facilities, according to the organization’s stated objectives.


The main focus of World Toilet Day is the worldwide sanitation issue, which has left more than 3 billion people without having access to toilets. The primary goal of World Toilet Day is to raise awareness of the need to give these people proper and secure toilet access while also reaching the six Sustainable Development Goals.

To create a better and healthier society, it is imperative to address the serious problem of sanitation and the construction of suitable toilet facilities. It is thought that faulty sanitation and inadequate hygiene are to blame for 58% of all diarrhea cases worldwide. There are many people who still urinate in the open, particularly in India. This is a significant source of environmental pollution in addition to being unclean.

It is imperative that we take this global problem seriously and take prompt action. It needs to be settled while taking into account the various parties’ health situations.


World Toilet Day in 2022 will have as its topic “Groundwater and sanitation: making the invisible visible.” Be appreciative and try to ensure that everyone has access to clean, safe sanitation if you are one of the fortunate ones. The UN establishes specific topics each year to address the world crisis.

The following is a list of some of the themes from the previous year:

2016: Toilets and jobs

2017: Wastewater

2018: Nature-based solutions

2019: Leaving no one behind

2020: Sustainable sanitation and climate change

2021: Valuing Toilet


:- 40% of the world’s population, or more than 4.2 billion people, lack access to better sanitation.

:- For the past 200 years, there has been evidence that having clean toilets extends life by 20 years.

:- According to the UN’s sustainable development objectives, every individual should have access to water and sanitation by the year 2030.

:- More people than actual toilets use cell phones.

:- Poor sanitation has been a key contributor to malnutrition and other illnesses, with women and children suffering the most.

:- Poor sanitation and dirty water are the main causes of diarrhea-related deaths in children under the age of five. With proper access to clean water and toilets, this can be easily avoided.


The World Toilet Organization founded the Urgent Run on World Toilet Day, an international event that is planned to take immediate action to address the sanitation crisis. On November 19, World Toilet Day is followed by a run or walk for sanitation in which many communities from all around the world take part.

It’s understandable why it’s necessary since at least one in three individuals still lack sufficient access to clean restrooms. Every day, thousands of children die from unsanitary conditions. This urgency is required to enhance sanitation and health for those who need it.

By joining, you can take part in the worldwide urgent run.