World Turtle Day 2022- History, Aim, Quotes {Latest}, and more

World Turtle Day every year celebrated on 23 May, the day that is annually sponsored from 2000 onwards through American Tortoise Rescue, is to raise awareness about the importance of and to increase awareness about and appreciation for tortoises and turtles. It is also to urge humans to take action to help them thrive as well as thrive. World Turtle Day falls one of the most effective day-of-knowledge for species, in expanding the search for information about turtles on the internet.

World Turtle Day is celebrated all over the world through a variety of methods, from dressing in turtle costumes or wearing summer dresses in green, to helping turtles escape from highways to engaging in research. Turtle Day lesson plans and crafts help teach about turtles in schools.

In 1990, the organization was founded. American Tortoise Rescue is the primary organization that sponsors World Turtle Day. The name “WORLD TURTLE day” was trademarked in 1990 in the name of Susan Tellem of Malibu, California.

Included in Chase’s Book of Annual Events, the day was originally created to bring people together to recognize and help protect turtles and tortoises as well as their habitats disappearing across the globe.

World Turtle day Quotes:-

Let us save the little turtles by showing our responsibility as a human, Let us celebrate World Turtle Day together.


God has made humans the most intelligent ones and hence it stands as our responsibility to take care of the turtles who are about to get extinct.


Turtles are beautiful and cute but they are innocent and deserving of a better life.


The conscience of mankind is what paves the way for turtle’s existence on earth and the future of their breed.


Every Sea and ocean is incomplete without the population of turtles.


We can all contribute in small ways to saving the lives of turtles in the world. Happy World Turtle Day.


Spread love and make the earth a better place to live for turtles. 


Of all the animals, humans have taken all the measures possible to ensure that turtles are endangered. Save them on this World Turtle Day.


Keep calm and save the turtle.


Turtles are masters and perfectionists. We want them for life and not only in the books.


There is a lot of other things on this earth for consumption, please do not eat turtles. They deserve to live.


Whenever you go to a beach, always remember that every trash discarded by you in the sea will lead to the death of turtles…. Don’t be a killer, be a savior.


We are the reason these turtles will extinct soon if we don’t pay attention to the alarming situation. We need to save their homes and save their lives so that our coming generations can play with them and love them as we do. Happy World Turtle Day.


Go slowly like a tortoise but stay focused and you will be able to overcome with confidence What happens if we stop polluting the sea? Lovely tortoises are always happy.


Learn from the tortoise to your shell and live a simple life, World Turtle Day.