World Wetlands Day 2022- History, Aim, Theme and more

World Wetlands Day, which is observed every February 2, is a day that recognizes the positive impact of Wetlands on the world. It also brings together communities for the benefit of Mother Nature. This day also raises awareness about the importance of wetlands in humans and on the planet. This day is a celebration of the love and contributions of environmentalists and community protectors to nature.

Youth Photo Competition that starts on 2 February every year on Wetlands day, was introduced as a part of a new approach to target young people and get them involved in WWD. 

Children ages between 15 to 24 can take a picture of a certain wetland day and upload it to the World Wetlands Day website between the months of February and March. 

Best has taken picture awarded by the world wetlands website.

What are wetlands:

Wetlands are land areas that are impregnated or swamped with water either permanently or seasonally. Inland Wetlands include marshes, ponds, lakes, gutters, and floodplains. Coastal Wetlands include saltwater marshes, arms, mangroves, lagoons, and indeed coral reefs. Fish ponds, rice paddies, and saltpans are mortal-made Wetlands.


Every year, a theme is chosen to bring attention and raise awareness about the importance of wetlands. To raise awareness, countries organize lectures, seminars, and nature walk. Children’s art contests are also held.