Abdu Rozik’s Response to Negative Comments: Embracing Love in the Face of Adversity

Abdu Rozik, the Tajikistani singer and internet personality, recently announced his engagement to Amira, an Emirati girl from Dubai. However, amidst the joyous occasion, Abdu found himself confronting a barrage of negative comments and trolling on social media. In a heartfelt video shared on Instagram, Abdu addressed the hurtful remarks and called for kindness and respect. As he prepares to embark on this new chapter of his life, Abdu’s story serves as a testament to the power of love and resilience in the face of adversity.

A Love Story Unfolds

Abdu Rozik and Amira’s love story began in February when they crossed paths at Cipriani Dolci in Dubai Mall. What started as a chance encounter blossomed into a deep connection, culminating in their engagement on April 24. Despite the cultural and geographical differences, Abdu and Amira’s love defied boundaries, illustrating the universality of love and human connection.

Facing Adversity

Despite the joyous occasion of their engagement, Abdu and Amira found themselves targeted by online trolls and cyberbullies. In his candid Instagram video, Abdu bravely confronted the negative comments, asserting his right to happiness and love. He urged social media users to show empathy and kindness, highlighting the detrimental impact of online harassment on mental health.

Redefining Beauty and Acceptance

Abdu’s experience sheds light on society’s narrow standards of beauty and acceptance. As a person of short stature, Abdu has faced prejudice and discrimination throughout his life. However, he refuses to let societal norms dictate his worth or happiness. Through his advocacy for self-acceptance and inclusivity, Abdu challenges conventional notions of beauty and empowers others to embrace their uniqueness.

From Hurt to Healing

Despite the hurtful comments, Abdu remains steadfast in his commitment to love and positivity. He emphasizes the importance of fostering a culture of kindness and respect, both online and offline. By sharing his story, Abdu hopes to spark conversations about the impact of cyberbullying and the importance of compassion in digital spaces.

Looking Ahead

As Abdu and Amira prepare to exchange vows on July 7, their love serves as a beacon of hope and inspiration. Their journey reminds us that love knows no bounds and that true beauty lies in acceptance and understanding. As they embark on this new chapter together, Abdu and Amira stand as a testament to the enduring power of love to overcome adversity.


In a world fraught with negativity and division, Abdu Rozik’s journey to marriage offers a glimmer of hope. Despite facing adversity and cyberbullying, Abdu remains unwavering in his pursuit of love and happiness. His story serves as a reminder that kindness and acceptance are the cornerstones of a thriving society. As Abdu and Amira prepare to embark on their marital journey, their love shines as a beacon of light in an often dark world.

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