Autism Awareness Day 2023- Date, Aim, Quotes and More

World Autism Awareness Day every year comes on the 2nd of April and the Autism awareness day main aims to shine a light on autism to increase mindfulness about people and especially children who have autism.

There’s also hope to develop world knowledge about autism and deliver information on how important it’s to descry an early opinion. Autism can affect both men, women, and children in all countries. This is precisely why raising mindfulness of autism is essential.

First time World Autism Awareness Day has been celebrated on 2 April 2007, during which we celebrate the achievements and accomplishments of people who have autism. 

During this time, numerous seminaries and mindfulness associations also hold events to increase knowledge and understanding of autism. The day is one of their seven sanctioned health-specific UN Days.

In the year of 2014, Autism Awareness Day coincided with an event run by the National Autistic Society called Onesie Wednesday. On this Autism day, the charity encouraged everyone to wear onesies for mindfulness, as well as to help spread the communication that it’s okay to be different.

Autism Awareness day quotes:-

: Yes, we are different, but that is something that is incredible and amazing and powerful and so, so beautiful.

: Everyone has a mountain to climb and autism has not been my mountain, it has been my opportunity for victory.

: I do not suffer from Autism, but I do suffer from the way you treat me.

: A person with autism lives in his own world, while a person with Asperger’s lives in our world, in a way of his own choosing.

: There are enough people in the world who are going to write you off. You don’t need to do that to yourself.

: I want to send love to all the beautiful children with autism and all the wonderful people who love them. May we all shine and grant love and learn to respect children with special needs.

: I see people with Asperger’s syndrome as a bright thread in the rich tapestry of life.

: Everybody is a genius. But if you judge a fish by its ability to climb a tree, it will live its whole life believing that it is stupid.

: On World Autism Awareness Day, there is a global recognition not only of autism but also of the immense potential of persons with autism

: We need to learn to accept and celebrate our differences. And we need to continue our research on Autism Spectrum Disorder in order to understand how we can best lend a helping hand.

: When enough people care about autism or diabetes or global warming, it helps everyone, even if only a tiny fraction actively participate.

: Our duty in aut­ism is not to cure, but to re­lieve suf­fer­ing and to max­im­ize each per­son’s po­ten­tial.

: A person with autism lives in his own world, while a person with Asperger’s lives in our world, in a way of his own choosing