Bollywood actor who married more than twice

Bollywood movie industry hot topics have always included the marriages and divorces of stars. The public and the media are constantly very curious to learn what is going on in the lives of their favorite stars.

Celebrity affairs, marriages, and divorces are all common in their extravagant lifestyles. These well-known actors have been married twice or more. Many actors have died, including Vinod Khanna, Kishore Kumar, Dilip Kumar, and Sridevi, but some divorcees are currently living happy second or third marriages.


Sanjay Dutt is a superstar whose life is like a Bollywood film since it is filled with action, romance, drama, and thriller. In a movie based on his life, directed by his buddy and talented filmmaker Raju Hirani, Ranbir Kapoor played the lead role and did an outstanding job.

Richa Sharma, a fellow actress with whom Dutt first got married in 1991, passed away from a brain tumor in 1996. He wed the model Rhea Pillai in 1998, but after their divorce in 2005, he fell in love with Manyata and they were wed in 2008.


Actor Mithun Chakraborty first wed the model Helena Luke, then wed the former actress Yogeeta Bali in 1979. After a few years, he fell in love with Sridevi, and the two secretly wed in 1985. However, they subsequently separated in 1988.

Yogeeta Bali threatened to kill himself in order to prevent Mithun from leaving his first wife. In 1996, Sridevi made the decision to move on and wed Boney Kapoor.


Prior to becoming well-known in the biz, Saif Ali Khan fell in love with longtime actress Amrita Singh. Before his first movie, Parampara (1993), was released, the couple were married in 1991 and later separated in 2004.

After four to five years of affairs, Kareena Kapoor Khan married this handsome man in 2012 after leaving chocolate and the stunning Shahid Kapoor for him.


Aamir Khan married his teenage love, Reena Dutta, in 1986 before his blockbuster debut in Hindi films, but they divorced later in 2002. Qayamat Se Qayamat Tak was released in 1988, and it catapulted Aamir to stardom while he was still working as a child artist.

Aamir fell in love with assistant director Kiran Rao while filming the all-time favorite Hindi film Lagaan (2001), and the two married in 2005.


Bipasha is three years younger than Karan and they are the most well-known couple today. Karan Singh Grover and Bipasha Basu set relationship goals for everyone. On April 30, 2016, they were married; this was his third marriage altogether.

He married Shraddha Nigam in 2008 but filed for divorce a year later. He then wed Jennifer Winget, a well-known television actress, and they were married from 2012 until 2014.


After achieving such popularity in the film industry, legendary actor Dharmendra got married for the first time when he was just 19 years old. He fell in love with Hema Malini, the most desirable dream girl of the time, and the two wed in 1979.

He turned to Islam in order to maintain his marriages to Prakash Kaur and Hema Malini, which is an intriguing aspect of his love life.


Kamal Haasan first married when he was 24 years old, to dancer Vani Ganapathy, but they divorced later in 1988 because Kamal Haasan fell in love with actress Sarika, who gave birth to his daughter Shruti before their marriage in 1988.

Kamal Haasan divorced Sarika in 2004, and the following year he married actress Gautami Tadimalla, whom he divorced in 2016.


Kabir Bedi, the veteran actor, has been married four times, and his current wife, Parveen Dusanj, is 29 years his junior. Protima Bedi, his first wife, was a model and classical dancer who died in 1974 after six years of marriage.

Bedi later divorced Susan Humphreys and Nikki Moolgaoker, both British television and radio hosts. In 2016, he married for the fourth time.


Veteran actor and politician Raj Babbar wed actress-director Nadira Zaheer in 1975, but he secretly wed Smita Patil instead after falling in love with the actress. Smita Patil passed away in 1986, just 31 years old.


Dilip Kumar has a romantic and suspenseful love life, and he and former actress Sair Banu are without a doubt Bollywood’s most endearing couple. At the age of 44, he wed Saira. A decade later, he wed Asma Sahiba, whom he divorced in 1983, and continued to live with Saira.