Govardhan Puja 2023 Date, Puja Vidhi, Wishes, Status & More

In Hinduism, cows are considered to be the form of God and Mother. Every year this festival comes after Diwali in which cows are worshiped and in 2023 Goverdhan Puja also known as Annakoot will be celebrated on 13 November.

In this festival, Lord Krishna, the mother cow, and Goverdhan mountain are worshipped, and a story related to Goverdhan Puja is very popular in the Hindu scriptures.

History of Goverdhan Puja according to Hindu Puranas

goverdhan puja history
goverdhan puja history

According to a legend in Hindu scriptures, once Shri Krishna’s mother Yashoda along with all the residents of Vrindavan were preparing to worship Indra, the king of gods, then Shri Krishna asked his mother the reason for performing this worship.

Then Yashoda replied that Devraj Indra rains on the earth, due to which crop yields are good, and food is available for all our animals.

Hearing the answer from his mother, Krishna said that we should worship Goverdhan mountain because all our animals get food from there and Indra Devta gets angry about everything, so we should not worship such a deity.

Fascinated by Lord Krishna’s words, all the people of Vrindavan started worshiping Goverdhan mountain instead of Lord Indra, which angered Indra and started torrential rain.

To help all the Vrindavan residents from the torrential rain, Shri Krishna lifted the entire Govarghan mountain on his little finger and asked everyone to take shelter including the cow and the calf.

Seeing Shri Krishna doing this, Indra increased the rain but Krishna reduced the speed of rain with his Sudarsan Chakra and prevented water from coming on the hill by Sheshnag.

Unaware of Lord Vishnu’s incarnation as Krishna, Indra rained continuously for 7 days and finally came to know the truth after reaching Brahma.

Devraj Indra was very ashamed after knowing the truth and worshiped Lord Krishna after apologizing to him. From that day the people of Vrindavan worship Goverdhan Parvat every year after Diwali.

Govardhan Puja Worship Method

Goverdhan puja vidhi
Goverdhan puja vidhi

On this day take a bath early in the morning, apply oil on the body, go to the place of worship, and with full devotion make the shape of Goverdhan mountain with cow dung. Along with the shape of Goverdhan mountain, also make cow flowers, leaves, and twigs.

After making the shape of Goverdhan, an idol of Shri Krishna is placed in the middle and a separate bowl and an earthen lamp are kept and worship is done by adding milk, curd, gangajal, honey, and water to it.

After the completion of the puja, a prasad made of milk, curd, gangajal, honey, and vatse is given to the devotees. On this day cows are also bathed in the morning, decorated with flowers, and fed with ghee and jaggery.

Govardhan Puja Wishes & Status

Goverdhan Puja wishes
Goverdhan Puja wishes

May Lord Krishna bless you on this auspicious day of Govardhan puja and may it be a new beginning of greater prosperity, success and happiness, happy Govardhan puja.

Murli Manohar will fulfill wishes Health, Wealth & Prosperity shall prevail Believe in the almighty and keep going Krishna will help you sail. Happy Govardhan Puja.

Every Happiness comes to your door, you get more than what you asked for, and Sing Krishna qualities in Govardhan puja and celebrate this festival with happiness. Happy Govardhan Puja.

On the new moon of this auspicious month of Kartik, I pray for new, auspicious beginnings for you. May health, wealth, luck, and love find their way to you in abundance. Happy Govardhan Puja!

Health, Fortune, Happiness, and good luck sending all things priceless your way on the occasion of this Govardhan puja. Heartfelt greeting or the day.

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