Harela 2023 Date, How to Celebrate, Wishes, Status & More

Harela is a major harvest festival celebrated by Hindus in the Kumaon region of Uttarakhand. This year Harela will be sown on 8th July and reaped on 17th July 2023.

Although this festival is celebrated three times a year, first in the month of Chaitra, second in the month of Shravan, and third in the month of Ashwin. Harela celebrated in the month of Shravan is very important for Kumaonis.

When are the three Harela of the year sown and reaped?

1:- The first Harela of the year comes in the month of Chaitra and after sowing on the first day of Navratri, it is harvested on Navami.

Did you know- Harela celebrated in the month of Chaitra is an indicator of the arrival of the summer season.

2:- The second Harela of the year comes in the month of Shravan and is grown 9 days before the arrival of Sawan and harvested on the first day of Sawan.

did you know- Harela celebrated in the month of Shravan is an indicator of the arrival of the rainy season.

3:- The third Harela of the year is sown on the first day of Navratras in the month of Ashwin and is harvested on the day of Dussehra.

Did you know- Harela celebrated in the month of Ashwin is an indicator of the coming winter season.

How to celebrate the festival of Harela?

Nine days before the festival of Harela, after putting soil in a plate, seeds of wheat, Barley, Paddy, Gahat, Bhat, urad, and mustard are sown and water is poured daily for 9 days.

Nowadays, all these seeds are available in the market in a single bundle, which is sold by the shopkeepers, especially during the Harele festival.

On the tenth day, green plants that have grown 5 to 6 inches are cut and after being offered to the Gods, the members of the house keep them on their heads.

Harela saplings are placed on the heads of the younger ones by the elders of the house and during this, a Kumaoni folk song is sung as a blessing for a long life which is as follows:

Live, wake up, Tishtiye, flourish,

Whatever the green root, be as it is,

Even in the Himalayas,

Till the pani chhan in Gangju,

May this day and this month meet,

Agasak four ukaav, earth four chakav hai jaye,

How strong is your intellect, how strong is your heart“.

During the festival, people also pray to God for a good harvest and it is believed that having a big Harela is a symbol of a good harvest.

Harela 2023 Wishes, Messages, Images, & Status

On this auspicious occasion of Harela, we are sharing some best wishes, messages, images, and quotes with you. You can also use them as your status on social media.

Happy Harela Wishes, Images (1)
Happy Harela Wishes, Images

:- Dance, eat, and be merry, the festival of light and joy is here! Happy Harela to all!

:- Sing and dance with us because Harela has brought happiness, Jump in on the fun and eat Kheer-Puri and don’t care about the world. Happy Harela!!

:- I wish you a very Happy Harela. May Golu Devta G accept your good deeds, and bring all the years full of love and contentment.

Happy Harela status
Happy Harela status

:- May you come up as bright as the sun, as cool as water, and as sweet as honey. Hope this Harela fulfills all your desires and wishes. Happy Harela!!

:- Get up fresh after waking up in the morning, wear the best dress today, let’s go for a walk with friends, two good wishes of Harela that come in front of everyone. Millions of congratulations to you too.

:- लाग हरेला, लाग बग्वाई, जी रए, जाग रए. स्याव जस बुद्धि हैजो, सूर्ज जस तरान हैजो आकाश बराबर उच्च है जै, धरती बराबर चकाव है जै दूब जस फलिये हिमाल में ह्यूं छन तक, गंग ज्यू में पानी छन तक सिल पिसि भात खाये, जांठि टेकि झाड़ जाये!!

Harela 2023 FAQs

Q. When will the Harela festival be celebrated in 2023?

A. Harela festival will be celebrated on July 17 in 2023.

Q. When Harela will be sown in 2023?

A. Harela will be sown on July 8 in 2023.

Q. Why Harela festival is celebrated?

A. Harela festival is celebrated as a wish for a good harvest, happiness, and prosperity in the house and to welcome the new season.

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