Murder of Ankita Singh: Killer Shahrukh Hussain Smiling in Police Custody Footage

In a recent incident, a guy named Shahrukh Hussain committed a horrific crime in Jharkhand’s Dumka district out of one-sided love. After his proposal was rejected, the 19-year-old set fire to his neighbor, Ankita Singh, a 12th-grade student.

What’s The Matter

Ankita’s next-door neighbor, Shahrukh, used to stalk her under the guise of being in love with her. He even proposed to her, but she declined because she was uninterested in him.

This enraged Shahrukh, and on August 23rd, when she was falling asleep in her room, he sprayed petrol on her from the window and burned her alive. She was rushed to Jhano Medical College and Hospital in Dumka before being transferred to Ranchi’s Rajendra Department of Medical Science (RIMS) for further treatment.

Ankita survived 95% of her burn injuries and even fought for her life for a few days. But on August 28, 2022, at around 02:30 am she passed away. According to reports, she was constantly asking every new arrival whether she would stay alive or not before her death.

Shahrukh Hussain Has Been Arrested But His Reaction

According to the latest information about these attacks, Executive Mr. justice Chandrajit Singh and SDPO Noor Mustafa arrived at the hospital and inquired, where Ankita identified Shahrukh as the perpetrator. On the same day after taking Ankita and her family members’ statements, police arrested Shahrukh.

A video clip of him being arrested has garnered a lot of attention, showing him smiling hypocritically and having no worries about the horrific crime he committed. Since the video clip went viral, netizens have taken to social media to express their outrage and seek justice for Ankita.

The incident sparked outrage all across the Dhumka district, and many citizens, such as members of several Hindu organizations, called for street protests and requested that the murderer be hanged after a quick court hearing.

Activist Jyot Jeet posted a video of Shahrukh’s arrest in which he is clearly seen smiling and moving in a way that indicates he feels no guilt or regret for his actions.