No Tobacco Day 2024 Messages, Status, Quotes, Wishes, Images & More

In view of the health damage caused by tobacco, the World Health Organization celebrates No Tobacco Day every year on 31 May to make people aware of it and prevent the use of tobacco.

In 1987, members of the World Health Organization (WHO) established World No Tobacco Day for the first time, and since then they have been continuously working to make people aware of the harm caused by tobacco through different themes.

Every day for these few years, governments and health organizations of every country keep advising people to stop using tobacco through advertisements and campaigns on TV.

World No Tobacco Day Wishes & Messages

On the occasion of World No Tobacco Day, we are sharing a collection of best wishes, messages, and quotes with you so that you can make people aware by getting rid of tobacco addiction.

World No Tobacco Day Message (1)
World No Tobacco Day Message

1- The journey of thousand miles starts with a single step….. take the first step to your goal by saying no to tobacco.

2- You are not living if you are smoking….. you are taking small steps towards a disastrous life….. Say no to smoking and tobacco to live a healthier and happier life.

3- With time you will realize that you are getting sick of tobacco….. make sure that this realization comes to you before it is too late.

4- Saying no to tobacco is saying yes to life. Let us save lives around us by making them aware of the threats tobacco poses to all of us.

5- Let us make sure that tobacco is not able to take any more lives by making this world free from it.

6- Don’t let your loved ones inhale the air that is infused with your smoke…. Quit it for your loved ones.

World No Tobacco Day Quotes

This day can be celebrated on a large scale by posting your status online and sharing motivational quotes with tobacco users around you.

World no Tobacco day latest status (1)
World no Tobacco day latest status

1- Life is all about taking up good habits and giving up on the bad ones. Happy World No Tobacco Day.

2- If even a person quits tobacco due to some of your efforts, then you play a big role in giving him a new life.

3- Cigarettes are killers that you yourself buy to kill yourself….. Truly this is not a sign of a smart and wise Person.

No Tobacco Day status (1)
No Tobacco Day status

4- Let us have an environment free from smoke so that our coming generations can breathe free.

5- Tobacco has not brought any happiness to anyone but it certainly has taken many lives.

6- The occasion of World No Tobacco Day reminds us all of the threats involved with tobacco. Let us celebrate this day by spreading awareness about the adverse effects of tobacco.


Q. What is the theme of World No Tobacco Day 2024?

A. The theme of World No Tobacco Day 2024 is yet to be announced.

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