Silence 2 Release Date, Poster, Teaser, Trailer, & Star Cast

India’s leading streaming platform Zee 5 gears up to launch the much-anticipated sequel to its riveting mystery series, “Silence.” Titled “Silence 2,” this ZEE5 original film promises to once again plunge viewers into a world of suspense, intrigue, and relentless pursuit of justice.

At the heart of “Silence 2” lies the enigmatic character of ACP Avinash Verma, portrayed with remarkable depth and intensity by the incomparable Manoj Bajpayee. Known for his nuanced performances, Bajpayee returns to reprise his role as the astute and unyielding police officer determined to unravel the truth behind a perplexing crime.

Joining Bajpayee is the talented Prachi Desai, who lends her grace and gravitas to the role of a member of the Special Crime Unit. Together, they form an indomitable duo, ready to confront the challenges that lie ahead in their quest for justice. Shariq Patel, Abaan Deohans, Kiran Deohans, Parul Gulati, Dinker Sharma, K_aastha, and Ashima Avasthi are also playing important roles.


At its core, “Silence 2” is a riveting tale of crime, corruption, and the relentless pursuit of justice. The film follows ACP Avinash Verma and his team as they investigate the killing of a minister’s assistant in a mass shootout. What begins as a routine case soon unravels into a complex web of conspiracy and deceit, as the team delves deeper into the murky underworld of politics and power. As they race against time to uncover the truth, they must confront their own demons and navigate the treacherous waters of betrayal and manipulation. With each twist and turn, the plot thickens, leading to a gripping climax that will leave audiences breathless.

In conclusion, “Silence” is more than just a film—it is an immersive cinematic experience that transports viewers into a world of mystery and intrigue. With its stellar cast, visionary makers, captivating posters, and riveting plot, “Silence” stands as a shining example of the power of storytelling to captivate, inspire, and entertain. So, sit back, relax, and prepare to be spellbound by the spellbinding world of “Silence.”


The posters of “Silence 2” serve as tantalizing glimpses into the world of mystery and suspense that awaits viewers. With its striking imagery and evocative design, each poster beckons audiences to embark on a journey into the unknown. The brooding silhouette of Manoj Bajpayee, illuminated by the glow of streetlights, hints at the darkness that lurks beneath the surface. Meanwhile, the ominous tagline—”In the world of crime, silence speaks the loudest”—serves as a chilling reminder of the dangers that lie ahead. Through its captivating visuals and thought-provoking symbolism, the posters of “Silence” set the stage for an unforgettable cinematic experience.


Behind the scenes of “Silence 2” are the visionaries whose creative genius brings the story to life. Director Aban Bharucha Deohans deftly navigates the intricate web of suspense and intrigue, weaving together a narrative that keeps audiences guessing until the very end. Her keen eye for detail and mastery of storytelling shines through in every frame, ensuring that “Silence” remains a riveting cinematic experience from start to finish. Complementing her vision are the producers, whose unwavering support and commitment to excellence have helped realize the film’s full potential.  Zee Studio and Candid Creation producing it together.

All About Silence 2

“Silence 2” promises a gripping sequel on ZEE5, led by Manoj Bajpayee as ACP Avinash Verma. Joined by Prachi Desai, the Special Crime Unit unravels a murder conspiracy. Directed by Aban Bharucha Deohans, the film navigates a web of intrigue, corruption, and suspense. With an ensemble cast including Shariq Patel, Abaan Deohans, Kiran Deohans, Parul Gulati, Dinker Sharma, K_aastha, and Ashima Avasthi, “Silence 2” promises riveting performances. As posters tease a dark narrative, audiences await the release, poised for an adrenaline-fueled ride into the heart of crime and justice.

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