Two Best Xmas Movies On OTT This Christmas 2023

On 5 December we celebrate Christmas with great pomp and start preparing for this day a few days before. On this special day and night, we remember Jesus Christ with our family, friends, and children.

If you want to make Christmas memorable by watching a movie with your family on this day, then you have come to the right article.

Every year the movie industry keeps on releasing movies related to Christmas and here we are sharing with you some of the best movies that you can watch online on the OTT platform.

1- A Boy Called Christmas- Netflix

Directed by Gil Cannon, a boy named Nicholas goes on an adventure to find his father and meets many magical people. In this journey, he has to face many difficulties but in the end, he finds his destination and becomes Santa Claus and gives gifts to the people on Christmas day.

2- A Bad Moms Christmas- Amazon Prime 

Directed by Jon Lucas, this movie is a sequel to Bad Moms (2016).  The relationship between parents and their children is shown in this movie when a mother goes to her children’s house for Christmas but they do not have such a good relationship.

It’s great to see this in a movie, how do her children prepare for Christmas and how does the bond between them grow stronger?

Gaurav Manral

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