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Like Valentine’s Day, nowadays the trend of celebrating Anti Valentines Week has increased a lot among the youth, which starts every year from the date of February 15, just after Valentine’s Day, and many people celebrate it with great enthusiasm.

Kick is celebrated on 16th February just a day after a slap on 15th February and the main reason for celebrating this day is to remove negative and disliked things like girlfriends/Boyfriends by kicking them.

How to celebrate kick day?

If you like your close friend or girlfriend/Boyfriend very much but she is someone else’s love and you are thinking to forget her from your heart and mind then kick day is the best day.

Even if your lover has betrayed you, on this day you can kick him/her out of your life.

On this day, you can also kick your bad habits away and celebrate Kick Day in an interesting way.

Kick Day Wishes, Messages, Images & Status

On the day of Kick Day, you can tell your feeling for your close or loved one through a message that how much you hate him and want to kick him away from your life.

Here are also some best and latest kick-day images and statuses which you can see below:

kick day image latest
kick day image latest

I am going to grab this chance to give my life a second chance by kicking you out of my life…. Have a Happy Kick Day.


The easiest and simplest way to say goodbye to a bad relationship is by giving it a kick on Kick Day.


When someone causes you pain, don’t think twice before letting them out of your life. Happy Kick Day.

Kick Day latest image
Kick Day latest image

It is never too late to kick out the person of your life who is the reason for all the pain.


When nothing changes even after putting in all the time and efforts, it is very clear that only a kick can bring the desired change…. Happy Kick Day.


Never hesitate in kicking off someone who doesn’t deserve you and your love because it is the best thing to do.

Kick day images, Messages
Kick day images, Messages


Eyes: to look at you

Hands: to pray for you

Mind: to remember you

Heart: to miss you and…

Legs: to kick you

If u ever forget me!!

happy kick day image
happy kick day image

Happy Kick Day 2023

I will make sure that you will always remember this day as Kick Day because I am going to kick you on your teeth.

The best way to make this day memorable on for both of us is by giving a hard kick on your back…. Best wishes on Kick Day to you.

Kick Day FAQs

Q. When kick day is celebrated?

A. Kick Day is celebrated every year on 16 February.

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