Boxing Day 2023 History, Wishes, Messages, Images, Quotes & More

Boxing Day is a day celebrated every year on 26 December in Australia, New Zealand, Canada, Britain, Scotland, Wales, and some other countries. On this day, people give different gifts in boxes to their near and dear ones.

This day is also celebrated as a shopping holiday in some states of Australia, New Zealand, Canada, and Britain. The shopkeepers also give huge discounts to the people in their products.

On Boxing Day, the day after Christmas, people consider it very auspicious to pack food, rupees, clothes, and many other things in boxes as gifts.

Boxing Day History

Boxing Day wishes
Boxing Day wishes

There is no concrete evidence as to when Boxing Day originated, but according to some beliefs, since Roman times/early Christian times, owners used to give money or food to their servants in boxes on the day after Christmas, so that the servant could spend the next day of Christmas very well with his family.

According to another belief, after the beginning of Christianity, on the next day of Christmas, the religious people used to keep iron box outside the church, through which the offering was collected in the name of the feast of St. Stephen.

The tradition of giving gifts in boxes was named Boxing Day in 1880 during the time of Queen Victoria of England.

Boxing Day Wishes, Quotes & Images

Nowadays Boxing Day is known as Shopping Day and people do massive shopping on this day with huge discounts in shops.

On many social media websites like Facebook, Instagram, and WhatsApp, Boxing Day is also celebrated by sending interesting wishes, quotes, and images to each other.

In this article, we are sharing with you some best quotes, images, and wishes that you can share online with your friends and family.

Boxing Day Quotes
Boxing Day Quotes

Happy Boxing Day! Wishing you an abundance of love, as well as desired gifts on this day!

This Boxing Day, stay rooted in joy and gratitude and your optimism will surely be contagious!

May God bless you, your family and loved ones, and your larger community. Happy Boxing Day!

Nothing can give you more pleasure than putting a smile on someone’s face. This boxing day, be the reason for happiness for those who need it most.

Boxing Day Images Wishes
Boxing Day Images Wishes

This Boxing Day, allow the charity to be an actor and not just an ideal.

Happy Boxing Day! The best directions for navigating this holiday are giving back, as well as paying it forward.

If I could box up all the love in the world, I’d send it out for everyone to receive. Hopefully, this Boxing Day will give a gorgeous glimpse into that dream!

Happy Boxing Day! May you spread joy and kindness through your words and gestures!

Boxing Day Wishes, Images, Quotes
Boxing Day Wishes, Images, Quotes

May you be swept away by countless Christmas gift boxes. Celebrate this day with your family and stay blessed always! Happy boxing day!

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