Gadar 2 becomes India’s fastest film to cross Rs 500 crore

As soon as Gadar 2 was released on 11 August 2023, a lot of enthusiasm was seen among the audience which is still intact and people are getting crowded in the theatre.

The sequel starring Sunny Deol, Ameesha Patel, Utkarsh Sharma, Gaurav Chopra, Manish Wadhwa, and Simrat Kaur collected 40.10 cr on Day 1.

In many cities, Ghadar 2 fans have also reached theaters with tractors, and still, audiences are going to cinema halls in large numbers to watch this film.

Shahrukh’s Pathan was the first film to cross 500 crores in 28 days, but after breaking this record, Ghadar 2 has become an Indian film to cross 500 crores in just 24 days.

Sunny Deol’s film has also set the record for highest grossing in the second week of its release.

Ghadar 2’s collection in these 24 days is lowest at Rs 4.60 cr and highest at Rs 55.40 cr. Below you can see the day-by-day box office report of the film:

Ghadar 2 Day Wise Box Office Collection

Day 1
11-Aug-2023 (Fri)
₹40.10 cr.
Day 2
12-Aug-2023 (Sat)
₹43.08 cr.
Day 3
13-Aug-2023 (Sun)
₹51.70 cr.
Day 4
14-Aug-2023 (Mon)
₹38.70 cr.
Day 5
15-Aug-2023 (Tue)
₹55.40 cr.
Day 6
16-Aug-2023 (Wed)
₹32.37 cr.
Day 7
17-Aug-2023 (Thu)
₹23.28 cr.
Day 8
18-Aug-2023 (Fri)
₹20.50 cr.
Day 9
19-Aug-2023 (Sat)
₹31.07 cr.
Day 10
20-Aug-2023 (Sun)
₹38.90 cr.
Day 11
21-Aug-2023 (Mon)
₹13.50 cr.
Day 12
22-Aug-2023 (Tue)
₹12.10 cr.
Day 13
23-Aug-2023 (Wed)
₹10 cr.
Day 14
24-Aug-2023 (Thu)
₹8.40 cr.
Day 15
25-Aug-2023 (Fri)
₹7.10 cr.
Day 16
26-Aug-2023 (Sat)
₹13.75 cr.
Day 17
27-Aug-2023 (Sun)
₹16.10 cr.
Day 18
28-Aug-2023 (Mon)
₹4.60 cr.
Day 19
29-Aug-2023 (Tue)
₹5.10 cr.
Day 20
30-Aug-2023 (Wed)
₹8.60 cr.
Day 21
31-Aug-2023 (Thu)
₹8.10 cr.
Day 22
01-Sep-2023 (Fri)
₹5.20 cr.
Day 23
02-Sep-2023 (Sat)
₹5.72 cr.

Day 24       03-Sep-2023 (Sun)     7.56 cr.

Total Box Office Collection in India: 501.3 Crores

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Gadar 2 Boxoffice Collection FAQs

Q. Which is the fastest Indian film to cross 500 crore box office collection?

A. Ghadar 2 is the fastest Indian film to collect 500 crores at the box office in just 24 days.

Q. How much has Ghadar 2 collected worldwide in 24 days?

A. Ghadar 2 has collected around 660 crores worldwide in 24 days.