How To Earn Money On Twitter X

Many people around the world are earning a lot of money through Ads Revenue on Twitter and here we are going to tell you how you too can easily earn money on this platform.

Twitter owner Elon Musk has now shared some guidelines for Blue Tick subscribers to earn money, which you can know in detail below.

Important guidelines to earn money on Twitter

To earn money on Twitter, you have to take a Premium subscription for your account, whose price is Rs 900 monthly for iOS and Android users and Rs 650 monthly for web users.

1- Posts shared by premium subscribers must have 15 million organic impressions within 3 months.

2- If the Creators account has a minimum of 500 followers and the post gets 15 million impressions within 3 months, then the Twitter account will be monetized but there are some rules and regulations for this too.

Ads Revenue Share Terms

1- The age of the subscriber should not be less than 18 years.

2- A minimum of 25 tweets should be done in a month and the account should be active for 3 months.

3- Account should have a profile image, header image, and bio fill.

4- The account should be verified by Gmail or a mobile number.

5- Should not be a fake account.

How money will come into account after monetization on Twitter?

After monetizing on Twitter, it is necessary for the user to have a Stripe account because the money of your Ads Revenue will reach you through this.

How to apply for Ads Revenue Sharing?

1- For Ads Revenue Sharing, click on the option of revenue sharing in the settings of the Twitter account.

2- Then after clicking on join and setting up payouts, the payment processor page of Stripe will open.

3- After filling in your information on Stripe, Twitter will start running ads in your tweet replies.

How to get maximum impressions on Twitter?

To get more and more impressions on Twitter, you have to keep posting some interesting content and make posts on trending topics and keep tweeting with hashtags for a few months.

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