Top 6 Most Dangerous Countries In The World 2023

Some countries are considered very dangerous due to crime, atrocities on people, and terrorism. Common people are afraid to go to these countries and even if someone does go, there is no guarantee of his survival.

Here we are sharing information on such top 6 dangerous countries where you must make arrangements for your security before visiting or leaving for any work.

Top 6 Dangerous countries in the world 2023

1- Sudan

Sudan is a country located in North East Africa where riots have been going on for years and everyone is seen in streets and houses with weapons in their hands.

Every day a large number of riots, murders, and looting happen here, in which children and youth are involved. Kidnapping for ransom is common here.

Many people who went to work in Sudan have left the country because many local people have gone into the world of crime and children have also started adopting violent behavior from the age of 10 years.

Here it is common to see women, children, boys, and old people with state-of-the-art weapons.

2- Seriya

Syria is a civil war-torn country in Southwest Asia that has been subjected to economic sanctions by the European Union, the United States, Canada, Australia, and Switzerland.

Since 2011, civilians are continuously being suppressed in Syria, due to which 6.2 million Syrians have left the country and 5.6 million refugees are living in different countries like Lebanon, Jordan, and Turkey.

Many terrorist organizations are active here on a large scale and according to a report, the root of terrorist attacks around the world is linked to Syria.

3- Afghanistan

Since the occupation of Afghanistan by the terrorist organization Taliban, the condition of this country has deteriorated a lot.

Very strict laws have been made on girls in Afghanistan and those who do not follow the law are given a death sentence.

Due to fear, lakhs of people have fled from this country and are living as refugees in different countries.

Afghanistan’s Societal Safety and Security Score in 2023 is 4.13 and Global Crime rate is 7.08 out of 10.

4- Albania

Albania is a country located in northeastern Europe that is ranked as the second most dangerous country in terms of ill-treatment of people by members of the security forces, lack of a free media, corruption, and many more.

This country is very poor, due to which every year people kill each other in an attempt of mutual vassals and looting.

Albania’s global crime rate is 5.63 out of 10.

5- Angola

Looting incidents are common in the country of Angola, located in South-West Africa. In this country, on the strength of weapons, dacoity takes place anywhere in the day and night.

It is very difficult to keep mobile phones and valuables safe here. Angola is the third most dangerous country in the world with a Societal Safety Score of 2.41.

6- Guyana

Criminals target and Pickpocketing of foreigners,  drug trafficking, armed robberies, and carjackings are very common in Guyana.

It is very difficult to keep a passport and other travel documents safe after visiting this country.

The government here advises tourists not to travel alone, to have strong security, to avoid deserted or under-populated areas, and always verify the identity of a visitor before opening the door.

Dangerous countries in the world FAQs

Q. Which country is not safe for tourists in 2023?

A. Sudan, Seriya, Afghanistan, Albania, Angola, and Guyana are not safe for tourists in 2023 and it is necessary to make full security arrangements before going here.

Q. Is it safe to visit Afghanistan in 2023?

A. It is not safe to go to Afghanistan in 2023 because terrorism is at its peak here but with some security arrangements you can go here for a few days.

Q. Which is the safest country in the world?

A. The safest countries in the world are Iceland, New Zealand and Ireland.

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